About Us

S.I. Focus Magazine wishes to hear from you regarding your input into the Sensory Integration community of knowledge. We welcome submissions from professionals and parents alike. You may submit questions, articles, significant research findings, short stories or vignettes. The magazine also accepts book excerpts from authors or publishers.

Since our publication is read internationally, submissions will be welcomed from around the world.

Submission Guidelines
It is suggested to query first by email with an outline or rough draft of your proposed article/idea. Use Microsoft Word if emailed. We do not accept mailed submissions.
Submission deadlines are due three months prior to the first day of the month of publication. S.I. Focus is published four times per year: January,April, July and October.
Always include name, address, preferred contact email and telephone with all correspondence.
Let us know if you have submitted your work to other publications and/or if it has been published in the past.
We accept various submissions in addition to articles/stories/research. We accept high-res digital photos, humorous accounts and artwork (sent digitally only).
Preferred length of articles between 700-1800 words, with a maximum limit of 3200 words for feature articles/stories.
If accepted for publication articles should be accompanied with short bio of author.